Saturday, 22 January 2011

Friday. What a day.

So it was supposed to be a team meeting off site, combined with clay pigeon shooting & possible quad biking and lunch and drinks and everything.
It was taking place at a farm owned by the family of one of the members of staff (they have a converted barn used for meetings etc.)
The farm (by it's nature) is out in the rural countryside and so after Jake left for school off I trundled for the 45 minutes or so journey.
All was fine up until literally 2 miles from the farm. Driving down a narrow, twisty, icy road at no more then 20 mph I went round a sharp bend when something ran out across the road in front of me. I think it was a hare or rabbit or cat or something. All I know is it caused me to hit the brakes and slide gracefully toward the side of the road and a big ditch. Luckily my front left wheel took the brunt of the impact into a curb and this caused me to slow down enough to get some grip on the mud on the side of the road and turn away from the ditch. But my front left wheel was f*cked. I managed to nurse the car to the farm where I had to call for a recovery lorry. All I was worried about was getting home because Jake was coming back to me straight from school and if I wasn't there... Well it didn't bare thinking about.
So I arrived at the farm at about 9.30 and was in the recovery lorry back toward Manchester at about 10.30. The car was taken straight to a garage for assessment and this meant a cab ride home to finally get back here at about 14.00. I am now without a car until some point early next week PLUS I can look forward to a hike in my insurance premiums. Awesome.
So that was my Friday. Not a good start to the weekend. Hopefully the rest of it will be peaceful and without incident(!).
Have a nice one all...

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Charlie Naseweis said...

Ouch. Haven't you got history of cars & ditches?