Tuesday, 4 January 2011

A couple of recommendations

I know I've touted this band before but those of you who've not sampled them yet don't know what you're missing. The Bluetones.
To me, they are one of those bands that I can keep going back to and get immense pleasure from. Some people say their more recent albums aren't as strong as the earlier ones (some say they stopped being truly brilliant after Expecting To Fly) but I think all their albums have a lot of strong tracks (I will admit, however, that Expecting To Fly is their best). There is something about the lead singers voice that just hits the right note for me (to listen to and sing along to) and some of the lyrics are fantastic. There are even a couple of songs that can bring a tear to my eye which to me says that what the songs are saying touches me somewhere below my conscious mind.
Sorry. Embarrassing gush over.
The other recommendation? A travel mug. Yes, a travel mug.
Although one of my more simple minded friends chastised me and called me "middle aged as I now have a flask" that's not what it is. It's such a simple thing but I drove to work sipping a piping hot tea this morning. The whole journey was made pleasurable.
Someone commented on my facebook status update on this, saying "simple things please simple minds" and maybe there is some truth in that. It IS such a simple thing and we all know I have a simple(ish) mind so... Who am I to argue?
Anyway. Thats two little suggestions that could improve your lives in some small way. Enjoy.


russ said...
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russ said...

I agree.
Expecting to Fly is one of my favourite albums, but we have discussed this at length before in a pub in Ruislip.
On a similar note, and I may be slow with this one, but I have been listening to Vampire Weekend a lot recently. Both their Vampire Weekend and Contra albums are aural delights.
Travel mug? That's nothing, I have travel mugs coming out me ears. And thinsulate gloves and hat. And hand warmers....!

Charlie Naseweis said...

I'm not biting.

Apart from to say that a travel mug is no different to a flask in that it delivers a hot drink to you in your car.

Nigel said...

Try drinking out of a flask

Simon said...

Russ, Vampire Weekend are good. I'm more a fan of their first album than their second.
Charlie - there IS a difference. A travel mug is there to be drunk out of as you travel - a flask needs an extra cup, pouring out of the liquid (which is hard to do at 80 odd MPH) and too much faffing. Don't knock the travel mug, you're coming across as jealous.
Nigel - I could try drinking out of a flask but again, at 80 odd MPH the risk of pouring a flask full of hot tea on my crotch is risk too far!