Saturday, 1 January 2011

New year, new post

As I've already mentioned on my Facebook & twitter status updates, 2010 kicked my arse. It changed my life beyond recognition, it changed me as a person, and it changed the way I think and feel about a load of things. It kinda sucked, you know?
As with every new years day, you never know what the year will bring. I mean this time last year I was (I thought) happily married and secure in my life. Roll on a few hours in my life's show reel and a massive bomb explodes (metaphorically) in my life and everything changes.
Anyway. New year, new start etc. I have made no new years resolutions - not because I think I'm perfect but let's be honest who actually sticks to them? And why should it take a new year to want to change something about yourself? I WILL be giving up alcohol for a month, for two reasons:
- to help lose weight
- because I've been drinking far too much recently and it's not been healthy

And I will be blogging more. At the time of writing this (cup of tea on the go and still in PJ's) I have no idea what I'll be blogging about but more effort will be made. I have been told by at least one person that I write well so why not keep doing it?
Ooh, and I just remembered - I need a new toaster and I'm actually excited about buying one. Awesome. Middle age here I come!
So there we go. Welcome to 2011. I hope it finds you well and continues peacefully for you.


Jonathan Creaser said...

Good luck with the toaster. So many people have got their fingers burnt when trying to decide which one to buy, nasty business :-))

Simon said...

Awesome - your comic timing is impeccable