Monday, 3 January 2011

Four days and still no booze

Yes ok it's ONLY been four days - but it's quite hard to not drink when you are, for example, sat in front of the darts with no child care responsibilities for a couple of days and nowhere that you have to drive to. A nice cold pint of Guinness or an ice cold bottle of Bud would be awesome right now. But thats the point isn't it? To be able to abstain from something you like for the greater good - the greater good in this case being the reduction of my waist line - makes us better people. Doesn't it?! Please say it does!
Anyway - back to work tomorrow which does something that I thought physically impossible. It both sucks and blows. I need some sort of tonic or potion I can take that when I wake up I'm full of motivation and desire to be the best darn developer I can be. As it is I will probably wake up, groan, swear, and grumble my way up the M61.
I hope you all have had a nice break and enjoyed any time off you've had. January is a horrible month but I will try and do my little part in keeping you entertained. Enjoy the rest of the bank holiday.

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