Monday, 30 November 2009

Oh Monday's arrival, how I lament thee

You know the problem with weekends? They're only two days long and they are over way too quickly. Oh well.

So my mum arrived safe and sound - although the collecting of said parental unit was harrowing for me, as a pigeon decided to take dead aim and crap on my head. I shit you not. I was stood indoors I might add, waiting for my mum to arrive, when I felt a splash on my head. Now, when you feel something like that, your first thought is "oh crap, a raindrop / splash of water". But then when you put your hand to your head, and it's warm... not a pleasant feeling. So I looked up, and perched on the ledge about 6 foot up from me was a pigeons arse (attached to a pigeon no doubt). Bastard. Now I could have gone after him like a cave man hunting prey and killed the little vermin, but I didn't want people noticing what had happened and so I kept calm, stole some napkins from a coffee place, and cleaned myself up as best I could. Lucky it didn't have the Eartha Kitts really.

Apart from that little episode, we've had a nice weekend. Number one son had a very good birthday (he now has a whole armory of Nerf guns and a scary amount of money) and I think it's helped my mum a little being around him this weekend, although she is still very upset (obviously). I played football on Sunday, in an inter-squad match, and did well. Oh, and I didn't get to see City after all :-( but I'm kinda glad as we drew and apparently it was a shite match.

And now we're at Monday again *sigh*. My mum leaves today (My Better Half is taking her to the station for me), and I have to now start getting Christmas presents organized (I refuse to leave it to the last minute as I have done in the past).

So have a good day everyone.

Soundtrack of the day: Whatever albums I have on my MP3 player by Elbow.

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russ said...

It's good luck to be shat on by a bird...

...the feathered variety of course.