Wednesday, 11 November 2009

Walkman back on today

(To paraphrase Charlie Brooker its not actually a Sony Walkman - I have moved with the times - but it's not an iPod either, it's another brand of MP3 player and I got bored with keep having to type "MP3 Player" whenever I wanted to mention my music player of choice... my I digest...)

For the first time in a while, I'm sitting here at my desk listening to music again while 'working'.
The current soundtrack is Nirvana's Greatest Hits. I posted about this the other day... it's not until I have a break from music, then listen to it again, that I realize how important it is to my life. I love music. (Pauses for drum break in "Smells Like Teen Spirit"...)

In other news...

I bought Stephen King's new one, "Under The Dome", yesterday and it's a monster (yippee!) so I can look forward to a few days of excellent writing, griping plot, believable characters and a fantastic ending. He's one of my all time favorite authors and I have read all of his books. Seriously. All of them. From "Carrie" down to the last of the seven-book Dark Tower series... AND all the books he wrote as Richard Bachman. When I bought the book yesterday, the girlie in the bookshop asked me if I had read any others of his... so of course, trying not to sound too condescending I said "Well yes actually, all of them, and I own roughly 85% of his books also". Smug? Me?

Plans this week include not much... as I have no evening plans, I can sit and relax and immerse myself in Castle Mills, Maine, and the people thereof (it's where the new book takes place, obviously).

Oh, and a quick shout out to my friend Phil 'Junior' Dawson over in crazy Australia. He, and his good lady Kylie, are expecting their first child, so lots of love and congratulations to them. If you haven't checked out his blog do so this instant. (OK, finish reading mine first, and hurry back!) His latest post is about guitars, and how great-super-smashing-fantastic they are, and this got me to thinking that I hadn't picked my own up for a few weeks... this will need to be rectified and soon.

That's about all for now... stay safe children.

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Phil Dawson said...

thanks for the plug mate. NOW my newest posting is the Album Quiz and im sure you or your followers can nut out the last 10 that my other readers have failed to do.

: P