Friday, 13 November 2009

Friday at last

Yes, we've slogged and moaned, cried & laughed, and finally we've arrived at the end of the week. Halle-fcukin'-lujah...

Last night I made a rather tasty beef casserole using rump steak (which, even though I say it myself, was very nice), and had a couple of glasses of cheeky red.

Tonight I'm not sure what's on the menu yet, but I fancy a couple of cold beers to finish the week off, so who knows?

Oh, and it's lucky I'm not superstitious... it's Friday 13th today, I saw one magpie this morning ("one for sorrow, two for joy, three for a girl" etc.) and I'm sure a black cat ran out in front of me this morning on the way to work. But none of this bothers me, I'm not cowering under my desk for fear of something bad happening. The only thing I don't do is walk under ladders, but this isn't for some silly anti-bad-luck ritual, it's only because I know how heavy a can of paint is and to have one land on one's head from a great height would put a serious crimp one's day.

I've gone back in time a little with my Soundtrack of the day today, with early Blutones.

So, are any of you lot out in internet-land superstitious? Tell iSimon all about it...

Have a lovely weekend everyone.


Miss Wills said...

Im a little superstitious, if I see one magpie im always looking for another one. I wont walk over three drains in a row, I will say "Our Father" if I walk across a shadow of a cross on the floor. Will touch wood etc. Cant even remember where I heard some of them from in the first place. Guess im a little weird!!!

Simon said...

A little??
Just kiddin' - thanks for sharing!

greeny said...

I wish I were superstitious. Im too straightforward and boring for my own good.

Shauna said...

I won't walk under ladders, and if I see a solitary magpie I'll always say "Good morning Mr Magpie".

When I was pregnant I came out of an appointment with my midwife and saw three magpies - and the rest is history! Although maybe I was more ready to believe that one because she'd just told me that the baby's heartbeat was quite fast, and that's apparently another pointer towards it being a girl!