Monday, 16 November 2009


Another Monday, another working week to battle through.

So how was your weekend? Mine was OK actually. Saturday, we had a little birthday 'do' for my father-in-law at our house... dinner, drinks etc. with my brother & sister in law and their families, and of course my parents-in-law. I had to be careful with how much booze I stuck away though, as I was playing football on Sunday morning.
So, Sunday. It was only a friendly, to give the 'new boys' in the team (including me) more game time to see how we do. I played in center midfield (which is my usual position) and played about 80 minutes which I was pleased with. Unfortunately, we lost the game, but not for want of trying. We hit the bar twice, the post once, the keeper made two blinding saves... we just couldn't get the ball in the net. Their three goals were a penalty (dubious decision), a break away goal (the fella was offside) and a third break away goal when we were pushing to get back into the game. Annoying. But the manager I think was happy as he got to have more of a look at some of the other players in the squad.

In other news:
I finally received my invite for Google Wave... and I'm slightly underwhelmed, mainly because no one else I know (apart from Russ) is on there! I have some invites to give out now, so I'll be seeing who wants to sign up for it. I'll then see if it's something I will get a lot of use out of.

This week, I have no real plans at the moment. I have to play football again tonight as I've said I would, even though I'm a bit stiff and sore. I think I might have to drop out of the Monday night games, as playing Sunday, then again on Monday, might be a little too much for my poor ol' body. We'll see.

So that's about it so far... more nonsense soon.


Update: BTW - Stephen King's new book is fcukin' amazing....


Colin said...

Mr Molloy you're getting old! 2 games in 2 days is now too much!

Simon said...

'ere, YOU only played in goal, so spent the whole game stood around picking you're arse and thinking about tits!