Tuesday, 24 November 2009

Guter Tag from Birmingham

No idea why I said hello in German, that's just the kind of crazy fun guy I am, right? RIGHT??!


Yes, I am in 'lovely' Birmingham today. It was a short notice thing, yesterday afternoon it was decided I come down here for the day (I nearly wrote "up here" then...but I'm not a southerner anymore, am I?). It's only for today, so I can handle that. So, up at stupid o'clock (after a frankly diabolical night's sleep) and here in the office by 07.30. The journey was OK. Very wet, with lots of cars, but I didn't really grind to a halt at all. However, I did have another occasion where I nearly crashed the car due to laughter - this time listening to a Derek & Clive CD. (For those that don't know, Derek & Clive are two characters played by Peter Cook (Clive) and Dudley Moore (Derek).
VERY sweary (the first track is called "Stupid C**t") and very funny. There is one track in particular I know my friend Mr. P Junior will like - its one simply called "Nurse" and it's Dudley Moore making farting noises and calling for a nurse... but each fart and each cry for help becomes more & more desperate. It's not too strong to say it's comic genius.

Anyway. Here today, then home tonight for not much planned... although I will be watching the scousers get knocked out of the Champions League tonight which will be funny.

So have a lovely Tuesday everyone, and play nicely.


Charlie Naseweis said...

*strained* Oh God Nurse! PARP!!!

Simon said...

That's exactly it. I'll have to try playing it to you... you'll poop.

Phil Dawson said...

while Guter is technically correct, i think you'll find its Guten Tag mate.

when you getting that passport renewed :P

Simon said...

I'm 'technically' correct - the best KIND of correct!

russ said...

Hopefully your CD has the "Horse Race" on it - and also Worst Jobs and a bit about being in the Guinness Book of Records.

All classic sketches!

Charlie Naseweis said...

Ah yes- the horse race. Made me cry with laughter the first time I heard it "....and it's Big Tits out in front......"

Simon said...

Russ - unfortunately no, it doesn't have the horse race. This is an earlier CD. The one thing it two things it does have that you may remember is the one about "the wart on your ticket" and the song "jump, you f*cker, jump".

russ said...

(from memory)
Jump you f***er jump
Jump into this 'ere blanket what we are 'olding
And you will be alright
So he jumped
Hit the deck
Broke hi f***ing neck
There waaa-aaaa-aaas no blanket
Laugh? We nearly shat
We hadn;t laughed so much since grandad died
Or Aunty Mabel caught her left tit in the mangle
We are miserable sinners
Fiii-iii-iiilthy f***cker

Simon said...

A nearly word perfect rendition dear boy!