Friday, 27 November 2009

Another weekend is upon us

A special day today, as it's number one son's 11th birthday. Many happy returns fruit of my loins.

Of course he was up with the sparrows fart this morning, bouncing down the stairs and itching to rip into his birthday presents... but he's old enough now to realize checking the cards first is a good move because some people might be generous enough to put cold, hard (well, paper) cash in them.
His main present from us this year is some great big Nerf machine gun type thing. Jebus, the thing is nearly bigger than him. It takes 6 D-cell batteries (which I need to get for him today) and can fire these little Nerf darts quicker than you can imagine. My mum arrives this afternoon in Stockport station, so I'll be going to pick her up and then tonight we're going out to dinner.

I found out yesterday I may have a chance of getting a ticket for the game tomorrow (City v Hull) so I've got my fingers crossed for that, and then Sunday I have a inter-squad friendly in the afternoon. I like playing these games, as there is no pressure, and you can really measure yourself against your team mates and the manager can see how we're all progressing.

So that's it really. Soundtrack of the day is "Electronic Anthems" from the Ministry Of Sound stable... some classic 80's synth tunes.

Have a nice, safe, and peaceful weekend all.


Shauna said...

Happy Birthday to Jake from the White family!

(Is that Nerf thing like the thing you kids were playing with at the chalet??)

Manuel said...

happy birthday to your lad! My own son is 14 in a week...crikey! Hey I really hope you got a ticket to the match.....hehhehehehe