Monday, 23 November 2009

Long time no post

Yeah, sorry about that.

So what's been going on. Well, I've now seen the new Star Trek movie (on Blu-ray no less) and I have to say it was awesome. A very good action movie, and if you're a bit of a trek fan (which I am) seeing famous characters (from the original series - not the Next Generation toss) in 'younger' form is brilliant. Simon Pegg, for instance, plays Scotty and he does it brilliantly. The young Spock is superb, and the young 'Bones' McCoy is also excellent. I highly, highly recommend it.

I actually had an extra copy of the film delivered to me by mistake. I'm waiting to see if I am going to be charged for it (at the moment, I don't think I am) but if I get away with it, I may offer it up for a prize or something. Obviously, you need a Blu-Ray player (or a PS3) but we'll see what happens. Watch this space.

In other news - Jake is STILL waiting to sign for his new team, so again no football for him at the weekend, and my match was called off due to the torrential rain we've been having. So it was quite a relaxing weekend, apart from trying to light a fire.

We have a real coal fire in the front room. And the weather is now horrid enough that the thought of sitting in front of a real fire with a hot drink (or an alcoholic one) is a very nice thought indeed. So I went out to B&Q on Sunday to get the necessary stuff (poker, coal bucket etc.) and some coal. (Result - the coal bucket we bought came with a free bag of coal!) So, I laid the fire, being careful not to overload it, and used some 'paper sticks' made by my mother-in-law. (These are sheets of newspaper folded in a certain way to ensure they light and burn slowly... kinda like fire lighters). But... do you think I could get the bastard lit?? Could I 'eck as like. I must have used £15 worth of matches trying to light the fcuker. No, I didn't have fire lighters, but I think I will have to go get some this afternoon and see if that makes a difference. *sigh*

Anyhoo... this week, not much planned, although it is number one son's birthday on Friday so he's bouncing off the walls with excitement. And my mum is coming up for the weekend to spend it with him, so that'll be nice. (As a quick aside - she's still really struggling with our recent loss, but hopefully a weekend with us will take her mind off things for a little while).

Have a nice Monday everyone.



greeny said...

Have to have coal that has not drawn any moisture. No matter how much lighter is used on moist or old charcoal, it won't light.
Just my two cents.

Phil Dawson said...

Petrol helps

Simon said...

This must be a male thing - Mr. P. Senior texted me exactly the same response...

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