Tuesday, 1 December 2009

I wasn't gonna moan about this again but...

I hate my fcukin' job at the moment!
I know, I keep going on about it, and I know you're all sick to death of hearing it, but it's my blog and I want another moan.
I am STILL not doing the job I am hired to do - i.e. develop applications. I am still sitting here writing pointless bloody technical documentation that no fcuker will ever read or make use of.
There is still no hint or word of any upcoming work. And one of the worst parts? The job market is dead at the moment and so there is no way out of this current hell. I haven't even got any leave left to take so I can't even take a few days off to escape the drudgery. *sigh*. Moan over.

In other news...
The first frost of the season hit the house this morning - car covered in frost and needing to be de-iced, roads slippery, bundled up in thick coats and gloves... it'd be lovely if it was Christmas morning, but when you have to get to work, it's a bitch.

The only plan I have for this week is taking number one son training on Wednesday night. Apart from that I'll be staying in, and enjoying the fire (which I now know how to light and it's lovely to sit in front of).

So, have a nice Tuesday (those with jobs you actually enjoy!) and I'll post more soon.


Update: Forgot, soundtrack(s) of the day: "Behind The Music" by Soundtrack Of Our Lives (recommended by Noel Gallagher) and "Magpie" by Stewart Fretwell. Both exceptional.

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