Thursday, 17 December 2009

Danger! Danger! Low motivation detected!

Indeed. I can't get going today. I do have two things I need to do. Neither will take me very long. I could probably make them last the day so I'm not sitting here bored but I just can't get going this morning. I'm currently re-reading Douglas Coupland's "The Gum Thief", and all I wanna do is sit here with a cup of tea, put my feet up, and lose myself in the book. *sigh*.

City lost last night. They were well and truly spanked by a very good Spurs side. So football is off the menu today.

I'm working from home tomorrow, and then at last it's the weekend. I have no game on Sunday, Jake might have a game on Saturday if the pitch is OK. So this weekend is going to be a quiet one, gearing up for Christmas by cleaning the house and stuff like that. I might even treat myself to a lie in if Jake has no game.

Jebus, what a boring post. Sorry. Have a nice Thursday.

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