Wednesday, 2 December 2009

In trouble again

But to be fair, I couldn't help myself. So now I don't think this particular young lady will be saying hello to me when she comes into our office anymore.

Case for the defense: I went upstairs to see the lady I thought was responsible for providing stationary as I needed a pen. I went to her desk and she wasn't there, but there is a young woman who sits next to her who, justifiably I thought, could work with her. So I stood in front of her desk, waiting for her to finish typing what she was typing so I could speak to her without interrupting. Now normally if someone is stood right by your desk while you are typing something you either finish that particular word / number you're keying and then look up at the person waiting to speak to you, OR you quickly say something like "give me two seconds, I just need to finish this while it's in my head" or something. This dizzy little tart did neither. She just sat there tapping away at her keyboard seemingly ignoring me with malice aforethought. "Fcuk this" thinks I. "*COUGH COUGH* HI THERE." She finally deigns to look up at me and say "Yeah?"
"Hi, sorry to disturb you", says I, "but I need a pen - can you help me?"
"No. You need to speak to Dorris". Now the lady's name I actually need to talk to is Karen, but she is known as Dorris. If I hadn't overheard someone else call her that the other day, I wouldn't know that. But I thought "Fcuk you, I ain't being helpful seeing as it seems this is REALLY putting you out" so I said "Who?"
"Dorris. Karen. She does pens". (Pointing at this Karen's desk).
"Oh" says I. And with that she goes back to her tip-tap-tapping on her keyboard.
Now this is where I should have just said "Right, thanks" and walked away. But no. Not me. I leaned down so she had no mistake I was not done with her (not aggressively so, I mean, I'm not a psycho, but I leaned in enough so it was obvious I had something more to say), and with a big, sarcastic, shit-eating grin on my face I said "Thank you very much, you've been SO helpful". And when she looked up at me with a slightly shocked look on her silly face I dropped the smile to a dead serious face and then walked away. *sigh*. So now when she comes down to our office (which she does with unfortunate regularity) I doubt she'll be smiling and saying good morning to yours truly. People eh? Fcukers.

In other news...

Number one son has training tonight, and then City are on t'telly in the Carling Cup quarter finals. So tonight it's a case of standing in the cold and wet watching my little footballer and then getting home in time to crack open a beer and sit on my arse watching the box.

No plans for the rest of the week.

Soundtrack of the day: All sorts. I've been hitting the random button a lot and normally if I'm not in the mood for a particular album, I'll skip it, but this time I'm letting fate decide my soundtrack.
Update: I edited this because I seem to over use commas. I must,control,this.... sorry. I must control this urge.

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Phil Dawson said...

Ive just moved offices and I now work on a floor full of developers for a whole range of internal products we have. It amazes me that they're social skills are SO bad that they literally don't know who the person is next to them.

I mean, name, role, vaguely what they work on, hair colour - nothing - zero - zipp.

You would think that even by accident they would at least hear the persons name in the 5 years they've been neighbours.

Never OVERestimate people mate!