Thursday, 3 December 2009

Not much goin' on today

But I have finally finished that docu-bloody-mentation. I have to email the final two documents over to the U.S and then I'm done, done, done with it.

My Better Half is away for a couple of days, the dog is staying with my in-laws, so tonight and tomorrow night it's just me and number one son in the house. Tonight he has a doctors appointment (nothing serious) but tomorrow I think we'll go out for dinner somewhere. That should be good. I can get drunk and the faithful son and guide his legless father home.
I kid of course.

As for the weekend... I think I have a match Sunday, I'm going to watch City vs Chelsea on Saturday afternoon and that's about all I have planned so far.

See? Told you there's wasn't much going on.

Soundtrack of the day: The various albums by Disturbed, and also "The XX" by The XX.


greeny said...

it's a good idea to reproduce so your children can fill the designated driver roll eventually.

greeny said...
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Manuel said...

cheers for that....we'll thank you properly at the end of the season