Monday, 14 December 2009

An evening post for a change

I just received an email from our manager - I was voted Man of the Match by the opposition on Sunday - so I'm really chuffed. I started the game, played in center midfield which is my normal position, worked hard, did a good job - but I didn't expect to be voted MoM. I could name two or three other players I would have voted for, but in this league, you vote for the opposition MoM so... well, there you go!

Number one son had a blast on Saturday evening - he went to something called the Chill Factore in Manchester. He didn't do the snow boarding or skiing, he did the party thing with the tubes and the luge... but he had an absolute blast. It was chuffin' freezin' though - because it's real snow, it's kept at -2.0 degrees celcius, and when you're stood around in it... Good gravy it was cold. I went to the loo and my nuts were like freeze dried peas. (Too much information Simon. I must work on that. My doctor says I need more control. Sorry.)

Anyway... that's about all for the weekend. This week, so far, not much happening. Work continues to be shite. Oh, and I'm growing a beard. I thought I'd see if I could keep it growing until Christmas. I'll keep you up to date. Maybe I'll post a photo of it as it is so far.

Take care everyone.

Ooh, ooh, soundtrack of the day tomorrow: The Bloodhound Gang - "Hefty Fine" (go to a web site and check out the album cover - it's superb). And, a greatest hits type of album by Kevin Bloody Wilson - those of you my age, from the U.K, will remember him ("Santa Claus you ****" and "Mick Me Mate The Master Farter"). So I should be laughing a lot at work tomorrow. Lord knows I have toss all else to do...



russ said...

Ha, Kevin Bloody Wilson - that's a blast from the past - but some songs are engrained on my mind....

"Do ya f*** on first dates,
Does your dad own a brewery
Can I feel ya t*ts
Or will you shown 'em to me..."

greeny said...

Ive got Bloodhound Gang songs on my mp3, namely Foxtrot Uniform Charley Kilo and Uhn Tiss. Erin is the one that downloaded them, not me.
And a nice little boost about your MoM!

Anonymous said...

Not sure if it is worse to have no work to do, or to drive 150 miles to the office and find you cant do what you needed to do because somebody else didnt do what they should have done, and then spend the day putting up a christmas tree and making the window festive!

Phil Dawson said...

hehe - Go Operator 42!

"@ I'm Operator 42 - I'm busy, make it fast.
* Did a bloke tell you to stick that f**kin' phone right up your arse?
@ Yes he did, the filthy animal, I remember now.
* Well you'd better f**kin' brace yourself cause they're bringin' it around!"