Thursday, 7 February 2008

Why mother nature kicks ass....


greeny said...

Wow! Those photos are incredible.
I just remembered as a child always wanting to be outside when a storm was blowing in. I felt so exilarated feeling the wind start to pick up and the sun disappearing behind dark ominous clouds. The lightening was one of the best things.
I wasn't frightened in the least and my mom would scream for me to get my ass inside.
I'm not sure I am any more intelligent to this day. I'm still not afraid of storms.
HOpe you have a fantastic golfing day off. I am sending perfect golfing, stress-free vibes.
By the way, I am taking a personal day from work as well. Yippee!

greeny said...

Hey, my mom's family came from England and they had names like Aspenwall and Entwisle. Know anybody by those names? Don't tell me if they are criminals or circus folk, ok?