Monday, 18 February 2008

A good weekend

Yes, it was. Friday night we had my sister in law, her husband and three kids staying with us. So it was a bit of a houseful, but lovely to see my nephew and two nieces (5, 2 and 10 months (I think) respectively). Saturday morning was spent at football training with Jake (where he had an outstanding session, which was very good to watch). Saturday afternoon was spent dog sitting as the others all went out for a few hours. I also went with a friend to take a look at a car he was thinking of buying, and to give him some moral backbone in the negotiating side of things. He decided to buy the car, and so is very happy.
The visitors left Saturday night so the wife and I decided to treat ourselves to a curry. We phoned a local take away that is literally 5 minutes walk down the road and asked for a delivery... "Yes sir, half hour to 45 minutes"... no worries I thought. AN HOUR AND A HALF LATER it finally turns up... so of course I refused to pay so we got a free curry. Sunday, Jakes team had a match against the team who are top of their league and unbeaten... Jake had an absolute blinder, scored two goals, and his team won 2 - 0. Fantastic.
City didn't play as it was F.A Cup weekend, so that was stress free... and before I knew it I was having a relaxing bath and shave ready for work today. This week - football tonight, golf tomorrow afternoon, and then a quiet rest of the week. The family (wife, son, dog) are going away tomorrow morning to North Wales for half term (to see the in-laws) so I have an empty house until Saturday afternoon... its gonna be quiet, lonely, but I can't lie, restful. Have a good Monday people.

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greeny said...

You get time a-LONE?! Fabulatastic!!
I had an evening and a day alone this weekend and it was super. I need that time to not have conversation.
I can't see myself starting to date any time soon since I avoid most conversation.

I even eat my lunch at my desk instead of eating in the teacher's lounge. I get tired of talkingall day long.