Monday, 4 February 2008

And so the week begins

Hope you all had a nice weekend.
This week:
Tonight - football
Tomorrow - golf range after work
Wednesday - watching the England game
Thursday - football
Friday - day off to play golf.

I drank too much this weekend. I didn't get really drunk or have a bad hangover, but my alcohol consumption over the two days was too high to be healthy. I have to start cutting down.
Jake had a good training session on Saturday morning, and played well on Sunday, but his team (who were 3 - 0 up) ended up drawing 3 - 3. City lost (to my best mate's team... ouch) and so did England against Wales in the RBS Six Nations. So not a good weekend for results as far as I was concerned. Finally, I'll be getting my hair cut after work today... now this may not sound like a big deal, but Im finally admitting Im losing my hair, and whereas I usually just get the barber to 'trim and tidy', this time Im getting shaved the way I used to. So Im gonna be looking very bald this time tomorrow. Im not vain in the slightest, but its hard for me to admit I am losing my hair, and when I get my hair cut it will be obvious to everyone thats whats happening. So wish me well, and if you know me, and see me, please be kind!


greeny said...

Such a sporty guy. Look at your schedule. Sport, sports sports!

What would be wrong with a more "neat and tidy" cut and you are totally in style with the guys.
And honestly, a man with a closely cropped head is not unpleasant at all. I wager to say the percentage of women who adore a shorn head is larger than percentage of women who do not.
And I have read somewhere credible a man who is losing his hair or has lost it has more testosterone than those men who have a full head of hair. Hmmm, manly.
Hope that makes you feel better.

Simon said...

You really know how to hit the right buttons!