Monday, 11 February 2008

Getting older

A friend sent this to me about getting older... enjoy.

What happens when we get older?
  • You no longer worry that you are turning into your parents, as you actually are your parents. You now understand why it used to take so long to leave the house as you now have to remember all the things your children may have forgotten
  • You are free to embrace wearing cardigans!
  • You don’t give an “Artic Monkey” about the latest group, and you don’t have to pretend that you do
  • You become difficult to buy presents for and you secretly wish people would just give you the money as they did when you were a teenager
  • You accept a compliment gracefully
  • The idea that you can actually change a man or woman to suit your current agenda is ridiculous
  • You value the people you have known for a long time- despite you thinking they are getting rather “odd” even more so than yourself
  • You can gaze in awe at a beautiful man/woman without feeling jealous or lustful (actually take that back) im not that old!!!
  • You no longer have to pretend you don’t like the Vicar of Dibley
  • You choose your own outlook on life
  • You no longer have to fight your eccentric side
  • You still try to hold back the years, but its no the full scale war it used to be
  • The things that used to annoy you (like the loud guy in my hotel bar) now make you laugh
  • You no longer have to pretend to find young people interesting
  • No longer do you have to wear the latest fashions if they strike you as ugly and you realise that the young people wearing them actually look ugly too
  • Your children stop being selfish brats and miraculously turn in to nice people

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