Monday, 25 February 2008


As I looked in the mirror this morning and thought "My God, how do you look so good on a Monday morning?" (Im kidding of course - I looked like stir fried sh*t as I do every morning) I cogitated on the lessons I had learned this weekend.

1. A bottle and a half of red wine is too much for one person to drink without ill effects
2. It is easy to spend too much money on food shopping whilst hungover
3. There IS such a thing as too much rugby on TV.
4. It's easy to eat three bags of crisps (chips for my American listeners) without realising
5. You should make sure your bedroom curtains are closed properly BEFORE getting undressed
6. Housework never takes as long as you think it will
7. Free-range omelettes with chestnut mushrooms and mature cheddar are nice

The family are back now, so no more watching what I want on TV or NOT getting slobbered over first thing in the morning (I really must get the wife to stop that) . This week - playing football tonight, then watching the mighty City on TV (home against Everton... come on the blues). Nothing planned for the rest of the week apart from working from home on Thursday.
Oh, and its payday today, so time to go online and pay all my bills... *sigh*.

Have a good Monday children, and play nice.


greeny said...

1. Depends on what size the bottles are.
2. But I would wager to say there was new and suprsing items you chose so it got you out of a rut.
3. Now, YOURE just making that up, aren't you?!
4. And sodium and fat are a nutritious part of anyone's diet, am I right? So you got your quota for the month in one setting.
5. That's not fair to the neighborhood. They deserve dinner and a show too.
6. Spoken like someone who didn't make too much of a mess this weekend to clean up.
7. Whoa! Don't go getting all French on us.

Mom said...

An interesting list of random thoughts.
it is easy to spend too much money on food even when completely sober.
since they have no nutritional value, I don't think chips count as real food so you can eat all you want.
You have a lovely rest of the week - and I am sure you are happy for for morning slobber.