Tuesday, 26 February 2008

A bad night

So I played football last night... played well for 40 minutes of the hour and then - twist-click-scream.
Yes, I turned my ankle over again. This time it was my right leg, but luckily not as bad as I did my left a few weeks ago. I haven't been to the hospital and I don't need crutches, but I can't walk properly and it looks like golf's off for a couple of weeks. I just hope it clears up in time for 9th of March.. :-(

Also, City lost at home to Everton. They were deservedly beaten, Everton were the better side on the night. Still, it doesn't make me feel any better about the result. :-(

I also had bad insomnia again... partly due to pain, partly just insomnia. I think I got about 2 hours sleep last night. :-(

So not a good start to the week. Send me things to cheer me up, please!



greeny said...

Good grief! So football should be out of the question for many weeks to ensure your March golf trip, right?
Have you heard about a little pill called aspirin? It kills the pain pretty darned well. Or maybe you had more pain than it could handle, in which case you should maybe go to the hospital.
And this insomnia thing is bad. How do you struggle through with so little sleep? I'll be sending sleepy cyber thoughts tonight about 6pm my time, k? And funny stuff today....

Simon said...

Im currently on ibuprofen, so that's helping. And yes, no more sport AT ALL until just before my trip, when I will go to the range to make sure I can swing a club. The insomnia thing has been going on so long that my body is used to it now... hopefully I'll crash tonight and sleep through.

Charlie Naseweis said...

it could be a lot worse.....just look at Eduardo....ouch

Mom said...

I'm sorry. Bless your little heart.
There, did that make it feel better?