Monday, 11 February 2008

Second Monday post

Only because I fancied writing some more.
I did something very capitalist today - had a Starbucks coffee. (Our kitchen at work is out of action today and I fancied something different). Tip: Dont order a cappuccino - its more froth than coffee. (School boy error).

Bought THREE new books today by an author called Christopher Moore. One of those occasions (all to frequent in my life) when I see a book with an interesting cover, (Don't judge a book by its cover my arse) read the blurb, like the sound of it, then see other books by the same author and think "Why not, give 'em a go" because I know that if I like the first one I will read it in like three days and wanna read the rest.

Soundtrack of the day: The traffic and birdsong outside my office window (I forgot my MP3 player... d'oh!)

I'd like some of you to do me a favour - if you read this blog, but have never commented, please do so now - even its anonymous, and even if its just a hello... just interested in the size of my audience (God, how vain!) Ciao.


Phil said...

no comment

Russ said...

I used to have a mate called Chris(topher) Moore - I wonder if it's the same guy.....

Mom said...

Happy Monday, Simon.
Its cold in Maryland.
Tomorrow is our primary election day. the contest is pretty interesting this year.

JetPass said...

I love Starbucks, a lot. Ah yes Lori is an Interesting person to say the least. I have some more fodder to add soon about her.

Saw your blogger profile. The mate's company is working in java now he's not a big fan. He's a .net lover. Could be that he worked at Microsoft and Intel far too long.

Anonymous said...

I love books stores. I could totally get carried away in one...buying books, reading books, looking at books, sneaking peaks at books. And a well priced coffee would be a perfect accompaniment.

Did I sound like a nineteen year old just now?
I was afraid of that.

kate said...

Now you'll have to write about the three books and whether or not they were any good.

Just thought I'd leave a comment ... came here from Greeny's blog.

Simon said...

Russ - Im not too sure where this Chris Moore is from, although his email address is, so it could be.
Mom - Happy Tuesday to you! I've sort of been following the primaries, and there sounds like there's a lot of bitchiness going on!
JetPass - thanks for stopping buy - I used to be a Domino developer (not the pizza) and I actually prefer the freedom of Java... but I wont go and get all nerdy on you!
Anon - thanks for saying Hi. I love book stores (or 'shops' in the UK hehe) too... I could browse them for ages and as you said a good coffee, maybe a roaring fire in the winter... bliss.
Kate - welcome, hope you come back again. Yes, I'll let you know how the books are... at the moment Im reading A Dirty Job - its about a normal man (a Beta Male it says here) who becomes Death.. or, one of Deaths helpers... we'll see!

greeny said...

Sorry Simon. I was being a smart ass by posting as anonymous. But I found it like role playing, I took on another (albeit goofy) personna. I was having trouble coming up with something witty to say as myself.

greeny said...

Although I do feel that way about book stores....