Monday, 11 February 2008

Monday again

Not a bad weekend really... Jake didn't have a match, so we didn't have to go out early on Sunday. City won in their derby against United (which was, pardon my french, f*ckin' awsome!) and so consequently I have a bit of a headache this morning (yes, self inflicted).

Apart from all that, it was a quiet one. This week, I have:
Football tonight
Golf range tomorrow
No plans for Wednesday
Football Thursday
Sister in law and her husband and THREE kids visiting Friday night! (Its gonna be a packed house, but it'll be nice to see the kids)

Not much work on this week unfortunately, and seeing as my boss is out from Thursday for 10 days, I think I can take it easy for a couple of weeks. Very unprofessional, I know, but if there's no work, what's a boy to do? Any suggestions?

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greeny said...

HHmm,I think taking it easy when the boss is away is normal....
What's up with no comments from you? Did I offend? It's been like days since I heard from you with your witty repartee so what gives???/
I'm feeling anxious.