Tuesday, 5 February 2008

A Good Book - is there anything better?

I know this has been said by me before, but I do really, really, like reading. At the moment, for example, Im reading Stephen King's new one "Duma Key". Now Stephen King is one of my all time favourite authors, (along with people like William Gibson, James Herbert, Terry Pratchett and many more) and he never fails to captivate me with his writing. When I sink into one of his books, when I first start reading my field of perception is on the page, but also taking in the world around me... slowly (but not too slowly) my field of focus narrows, narrows, until its just on the page and I have no idea whats going on around me. Finally, my focus widens again, but this time its the images being painted with the words on the page that populate the world around me. I have a very good imagination, which I think comes from a kind of circle effect... I have a good imagination because I read alot, but I read alot because I have a good imagination. Is it any wonder I can spend hours on a book in one sitting? I have been known to start reading early evening when I am alone and (say around 6.00 ish) and still be reading near midnight... fantastic.

Anyway - a better night last night (alot better actually) in bed by 10.00 slept through to 06.30, so feeling more human today, although I do have a minor cold at the moment which is making me feel a little blurgh.

A quick advertisment - visit my friends blog The Blog With No Name when you get the time... its new, but I know it will be filled of interesting stuff as days go by (no pressure Russ!)

Finally a list of things I hope to be posting / blogging about in the future (in no particular order)
- School trips
- Inner monologues
- Some fiction I wrote
- Fatherhood
- The bad things about growing up

and whatever else I can think of... Have a great Wednesday children.
Soundtrack of the day: Whatever new album I buy from HMV (the record store) today...
Update: Didnt buy an album - bought a SatNav system instead (more info later / tomorrow) so the soundtrack of the day is "Chronicles Of A Bohemian Teenager" by Get Cape. Wear Cape. Fly.
Music that soothes the soul...

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greeny said...

"I wonder if they know because of the unfreezing process, I have no inner monologue?"
I only watch movies so therefore I have nothing to add except quotes.
Actually I'm kidding because I do love to lose myself in a book and have been known to hide and just read for a day. Usually I can only find that kind of time in the summer.
Right now I have maybe 6 books waiting for me to read. I checked out 2 from the library last Thursday and cracked one of them to read maybe 6 pages since then. It should be good...