Thursday, 7 February 2008

Sat Nav

Yes I bought a Sat Nav unit. I did have a copy of Sat Nav on an old mobile phone, using a seperate GPS receiver, but I decided that this wasn't very 21st century so I bought a proper unit.

Its a Garmin nuvi (with two little dots over the 'u') 660FM.

It comes with all the 'normal' sat nav stuff (maps, voice instructions etc.) but the reasons I went for this model are;
  • bluetooth technology, so it can act as a hands free kit for my phone
  • it can play MP3s
  • it can play Audio books
  • free traffic updates for life
Its not often I go to places that I dont know how to get there, but I do it enough to warrant this - and also, as its portable, the wife can use it as well when she needs to go somewhere.
So thats nice.

Soundtrack of the day: "Sleep Through The Static" by Jack Johnson

Day off tomorrow, playing golf... Im looking forward to it, so I know Im gonna play like a retard. That sounds strange I know, but when Im really looking forward to playing, I end up playing crap and having a bad round which means I dont enjoy it. I try and think "Im not at work, its a nice day, Im outside having a nice quiet walk" etc. etc. but its no good, if Im not swinging well, I can't relax and enjoy it. Oh well.
Have a good day everyone. If I get bored at work today I might post more later....

(greeny - yes, I know, you say you struggle to post one a day - and yet I can post MORE than one! How sad must I be??)


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greeny said...

Oh, come off it, Simon! Thinly veiled boasting does not become you...