Tuesday, 14 April 2009

So I wasn't gonna rant about this but...

I was all excited about getting my new mobile handset this week. On Good Friday I happened to find myself in Manchester town center, outside the Orange shop. "Hey", thinks me, "I can go get my new handset from the shop, saves waiting for it to be delivered!". So off I toddle like the good little shopper, all bouncy and grinning in expectation.
After standing around for about 5 minutes (while someone who came in AFTER me gets served BEFORE me... don't get me started...) the sales monkey comes and says "Can I help you?"
"Yes", says I, "I am eligible for a free upgrade and I'd like to do that now please".
"Certainly sir, lets take a look. Mobile number? Address? And which handset were you after?".
"Ah, yes that will be £78.00 please."
"Pardon?" says I. "No, I said I was eligible for a free upgrade".
"No, the handset you want will set you back £78.00"
So out of the shop I seethe and straight onto the phone to Orange
"I was just told I have to pay £78.00 for my upgrade when I was told it would be free".
"No sir, your monthly average usage blah blah blah you have to pay £78.00".
"Forget that". hangup.
I was really pissed off. Really. I mean, I was SO looking forward to getting my new handset (for what seems like weeks actually) and to be then told I'd have to pay that much for it... talk about a kick in the nuts. I know, I know, in the great scheme of things it's not that important, but sake, I was full of expectation and anticipation.
So anyway... I now have to decide, do I cancel my current contract in a huff and go get an iPhone, or do I wait and be patient and see if the price comes down / vanishes altogether in a few weeks... bastards.

Oh, and a greenfly landed on my desk this morning, between my keyboard and my screen. It's still there. I just blew on it, while typing this, and it's alive. Its just sitting there. Watching me. It's a little unnerving.


Charlie Naseweis said...

The old debate......do you cut off your nose to spite your face? or vote with your feet and move to a competitor? How much will you be out of pocket if you cancel your contract? If not a lot, then leave them & teach 'em a lesson.....

Phil Dawson said...

i think the phrase 'better the devil you know' sounds relevant