Monday, 27 April 2009

It's been a few days

Apologies for not posting for a little while (yeah, like you care!)

Bad bloody start to the day - I was carrying a bottle of milk through to the kitchen at work to make my normal cup of tea... and I dropped it. Luckily it was onto carpet so the bottle didn't break, but I now know what it felt like to be in one of those dirty movies as the top of the bottle just came off a little and a spray of white liquid showered my face and shirt... fuckit. Talk about pop-shot. Happy Monday, eh?

Anyway, whats been going on:

Jake had his first 11-a-side friendly on Sunday... they drew 3 - 3 and he scored one, and played well, so that was good. City won away from home on Saturday for the first time since August(!) so that was good too.

You'll all be pleased to hear I finally made a decision on which phone to get... and on Friday I went out and got it.

the iPhone! (ta da!)

I know there is a lot of anti-iPhone people out there, and for a while I was one of them, but there were too many good things that out-weighed the bad so I had to get one. Also, Orange (my current provider) were pissing me around too much, and I lost patience with them.
I decided on the white 16GB one. And so far, (although I've only been using it as an iTouch really, I'm waiting for my number to transferred across), I do really like it. It's such a swish bit of kit... and when I'm actually using it to text and make/receive calls I'll really get to see what it can do. So far, I've been browsing the web, checking emails playing with some of the apps. and it's all good. Rest assured that this blog will be updated regularly with my thoughts on it and whether or not I've dropped a massive bollock in getting one. I've yet to try posting to my blog from the phone, but I will be trying it soon.

This week: No plans at the moment, apart from training with Jake on Tuesday. I haven't got the chance to play golf really (apart from maybe on Friday) and I won't be playing football tonight, so a sport-free week for me. I must be careful with my calorie intake!

Anyway, I'll let you get on - have a great Monday, more updates soon.


russ said...

I may follow your lead re iPhone. Only a few months to go on my current contract....

Simon said...

I didn't think I'd like it so much... but it is a fantastic bit of kit (and Ive said those four words too often to be comfortable with!)
I know you're a gadget head, so you'll really like it.

russ said...

I need to check that the wireless will work at home and that the bluetooth will work with my car.
And that I can get footie scores quickly on it...!

Anonymous said...

Hi Russ, works great in the car over bluetooth ...