Wednesday, 29 April 2009

iPhone update

Yes, I know it's only been a couple of days, but here's a brief summary of how it's going.

Battery life: Not too bad - I haven't been hammering it, but I've only had to charge it twice (and one of those was only because I plugged it into my laptop)

iTunes: SUCKS. I have never liked it. I have LOADS of songs I've paid for on my MP3 player. And do you think I can get them into iTunes easily? Can I bollocks. Unless I'm being dense (and there is a good possibility of that, granted) I can't seen an easy way of getting the albums I want onto iTunes so I can select a few to put onto my phone. My good friend and techie Mr. P is coming round tonight, so I'm sure he'll be able to slap me upside the head and educate me.
However, I did download my first iTunes album last night, "Dear Science" by TV On The Radio. And it scared me how easy it was to do... this is dangerous for a music fan like me, if I can be out and about and just order a new album.

Apps: Not really installed many yet... a Twitter client, Facebook, a couple of others... but then I don't know a) what's out there and b) what I'd actually use, but then there's no rush is there.

Using it as a phone: I know, it's its main function isn't it? But because these things take time, I can use it to text / phone until tomorrow at some point. Email is good though.

So there you go, I would have to say at the moment I DON'T regret buying it, and the sooner I can use it properly as opposed to carrying to phones around, the better.

Soundtrack of the day: "Dear Science" by TV On The Radio (you could have guessed that couldn't you?)