Tuesday, 7 April 2009

Too busy to post a proper post

Sorry listeners, busy busy this week. Here's a brief summary:

Things that have pissed me off
Slow drivers
Obnoxiously loud co-workers
Orange (the phone company, not the color)
Noisy kids at the driving range

Things I have been doing
Working my balls off on a new, quick project (which I like, better than being quiet)
Being alone in the house (family gone away)
Playing guitar & singing again (see above)
Drinking too many White Russians (see above)

Things I will be doing
Going up north on Thursday
Going to the driving range again
Maybe playing golf after work on Wednesday
Ordering my new phone on Thursday (I've made a decision!)

That is all. Stay tuned for more later in the week


Phil Dawson said...

When the cat is away its time to crank up Metallica - One and hope the heavens the neighbours are deaf!

Walk around naked and play your instrument....umm, meh you know what i mean. haha

Charlie Naseweis said...

go on, tell us what phone you've plumped for.....

Simon said...

Announcement on the phone will be made at the proper time... patience