Tuesday, 14 April 2009

Unexpected windfall

Isn't it nice when that happens?
Long story short, I have received a refund on some loan PPI (insurance) that I was apparently 'mis-sold'. They contacted me to find out if I thought I had been mis-sold it, and I said I thought I had, and so they'll be refunding me. Sweet!

I had a good weekend over Easter (we were 'oop North') with great weather. It was my nephew's seventh birthday and he had a great time. The only bad thing was the journey home - about four hours... sheesh. Too much traffic, bank holiday madness etc.

This week: Out for cocktails and dinner this evening with some associates, but apart from that no real concrete plans.

Soundtrack of the day: "Death Magnetic" by Metallica and other loud albums because there's too much feckin noise from stupid feckin chatty giggly women in the feckin office.

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