Wednesday, 15 April 2009

Warning: contains explosives.

I was asked this morning "did you watch the match last night?" (For those that don't know, Liverpool played Chelsea in a UEFA Champions League Quarter Final second leg last night). Now to be fair, I know it was one of the best European games ever - the final score in the match was 4 - 4 and the Aggregate score was 7 - 5 to Chelsea, so you can imagine last night was exciting... but I was greeted with open mouthed shock when I said "No, I didn't see it, I went out." Allow me to elaborate. Some associates and I went out for dinner last night, and it was one of the best nights out I've had in a long time. It wasn't a late one, it was just five of us (one of which I haven't seen in AGES and one of us who I haven't seen in a few weeks) meeting for a pint then going for a curry. (well, I rented mine for only a few hours... can you say "ring of fire"?)
We laughed (alot) we cried (well I did, in the middle of the night and this morning... it felt like the world literally fell out of my bottom) and we still managed to catch the last 20 minutes of the match. I really enjoyed myself. (Well, up until the whole exploding colon incident).

Bill Shankly once said "Football is not a matter of life and death - it's more important than that". But what does that make friendship then? Because in my mind, after a night like last night, that is one of the most important things in the world.

So a heartfelt thanks to R for coming all the way back to civilization, thanks to C for coming out so soon after his new BIG purchase (and thanks to his understand wife for letting him) and thanks as always to N & G for being the sort of friends someone like me is lucky to have.

Here's to Cornwall!

Update: I had to share this.
You need sound. Just click anywhere in the screen, you'll see. But be warned... it is hyper-addictive.
Soundtrack of the day: "Kingdom Of Rust" by The Doves. Very good album. Life affirming, even...


Shauna said...

No thanks necessary - good to have an evening in the house by myself!

Glad you had a good time!

Charlie Naseweis said...

cheers too for last night - good night.

you've pushed me over the edge now to buy the Doves new album.....

Simon said...

Charlie - it IS a good album, honest. Not just saying it to sell it. I also bought the new Yeah Yeah Yeahs one, and that's good too

russ said...

Yep, agreed - a good night with some typical but good banter (anyone for tennis, new balls please!)

My journey home wasn't as simple as I had planned - they had closed the M25 between J16 and J17 but didnt warn you until you had only just got the closed turn-off on the A40. Had to go to Wycombe then down to the M4 - b@st@rds. Then, of course with it being past 10 o'clock, the M25 was down to 1 lane for roadworks in 4 (yes 4!) different sections - double-b@st@rds.

Anyway, without wanting to go into too much detail, I feel I ought to inform you all that I am still very full but have just felt the "second burn" of my Chicken Madras. Quite a different burn altogether and not nearly as enjoyable.

Simon said...

Sounds like a crappy journey man... sorry to hear that. And I completely sympathize on the rear end inferno feeling. I wanna go, but I'm scared to go!

Colin said...

I must of been the lucky one not to have any major burns after the Curry!

Thanks to you all Boys a top night out. Imagine Cornwall with few HSD's and a little bit of 5ft surf thrown in...... Roll on Cornwall