Wednesday, 22 April 2009

What I've been doing

The other day I introduced Jake to the delights of "Wayne's World" - he loved it. I saw it was on TV, and as nothing else was on I sat and watched it. Jake came in half way through and thought it was hilarious, and when we saw it was on Sky Anytime he watched it from the beginning and thought it was brilliant. There are so many classic bits in that film.
"... Not today my good man, I'm feeling saucy... do you accept CASH? Chi-ching!"
"...Chah, and monkies might fly out of my butt!"
And of course the Bohemian Rhapsody skitt. It brings to mind feelings of innocense and naivity and when life was less complicated... *sigh*.

Also, I've been re-reading (for about the 6th time!) Douglas Coupland's book "Microserfs".
I'll read you the blurb...

"At computer giant Microsoft, Dan, Susan, Abe, Todd and Bug are struggling to get a life in a high-speed high-tech environment. The job may be super cool, the pay may be astronomical, but they're heading nowhere, and however hard they work, however many shares they earn, they're never going to be as rich as Bill. And besides, with all the hours they're putting in, their best relationships are on e-mail. Something's got to give..."

Now I know some of the language is quite quaint, but it's set in the early 1990's, before widespread broadband, Google, wikipedia etc. when Microsoft was massive and controlling and these sorts of jobs were seen as the height of geek cool. They use modems to get online, they work on Microsoft Works... again, a more innocent and naive time. But I really enjoy reading it. If you're into technology in any way, I recommend it. Also, if you've never read any Douglas Coupland, give him a go. Other titles you might enjoy - "Generation X", "Shampoo Planet" (and his most recent one) "JPod".

Soundtrack of the day: "Death Magnetic" by Metallica (again). I know, I listened to this the other day, but I'm so bored with all my music at the moment and there are only two or three albums on constant rotation at the moment... this, "Fake Sound Of Progress" by Lost Prophets, "Kingdom Of Rust" by The Doves, and "Meds" by Placebo.

Anyway, have a lovely day (doesn't it look nice out?) and more nonsense soon. Schwing!

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Anonymous said...

I don't know if you remember but I bought you that old copy of Microserfs ... back in the day.