Thursday, 2 April 2009

Yes, another mobile phone related post

Does anyone use voice dialing? I was just walking back from Tesco's with a dozen Krispy Kremes, when I got to thinking about my potential new phone. It has a QWERTY keyboard, so I thought "How do I dial a number?" and then that got me thinking about voice dialing. I remember when it first came out - everyone was so impressed that we would be able to tell our phones who to dial. But now I don't know anyone who uses it, although I'm tempted to start using it myself. Would I look a tit if I was walking down the street shouting at my phone "Call Emma!" "CALL EMMA!!"?
Do you have to push a button first to initiate voice dialing? Or if you just say "Call" or something before a name, does it start? Can it pick up background conversations by mistake and dial someone when you didn't want them to? ("If you don't stop that I'm gonna CALL the POLICE"... ring-ring, ring-ring, "Emergency services, can I help you?" - see what I'm getting at?)

Anyway, just my thought for the day (yes, I'm allowed one a day.)

Soundtrack of the day - "The Age Of The Understatement" by Last Shadow Puppets

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Phil Dawson said...

Usually you hold a certain button down for a few secs until you hear a 'ba-dink'. Then you just say who you want to call and it matches what you say to what it THINKS the names in your phonebook would sound like.

Usually works well and its brilliant for BlueTooth cos you just hold the earpiece button down, hear the tone and say the name all the while your phone is in your pocket or something.

Much better than the ole' days when you had to record a voice tag against every entry.

Good luck and god speed my son.