Monday, 2 July 2007

Getting very frustrated now

Its not right, is it, when the only reason I've come into the office today is because Im hoping to take delivery either of my MP3 player, or my new Vans - not to do some work. I have two things on the go, one I can't do anything about until I have spoken to the right guy in the U.S (and with the time difference between here and there, that can be awkward) and the other is just so mind numbingly dull I can't even begin to start thinking about making a start on it. Its basically an admin job, and when you're a talented developer (yeah, I know, sounds big headed, but I am, so bite me) you dont wanna be wasting your time on jobs that should be given to the office junior. Im gonna just try and battle through this week, and then Im on a training course all next week in London so at least that should stimulate me a bit more. (I started this blog on the last training course I was on... ah memories).
I think I have something lined up for every evening this week which is rare.
Tonight - Watford training with Jake (its my turn)
Tuesday - Badminton with Jake
Wednesday - Golf
Thursday - Football
Friday - (possibly) Golf again (Im not gonna be able to play next week coz of the training course so need to get some games in this week).
Well, I'll update later with what (if anything) turns up... merry Monday all.

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GP said...

cheer up, it could be worse, it could be pissing down with rain whilst loads of religious nutters are trying to blow us up with nail bombs....ah.

Roll on the footy season!