Monday, 12 March 2007

Thursday 8th

A cr@ppy nights sleep but time for another 18 holes. Didn't play as well today, and had a complete nightmare on one hole...
We played the shorter of the two courses on the Thursday and it only had one par 5. After pushing my drive slightly, I had a second shot into the dog-leg from behind a couple of low trees.
Out came the utility club and even if I say so myself I creamed the shot. Unfortunately, I didn't see where the shot ended up what with being stuck behind a couple of trees.
There was a small stream going across the fairway, and I was fairly sure it cleared it so I went to find the ball. I walked across the bridge of the stream, but couldn't spot the ball. I had a look back at the stream just in case, and spotted a ball in the bank of the stream. Now, as I couldnt be arsed to walk all the way back to the bridge, I thought "I can jump that" (as the ball was in the opposite bank) so I grabbed a club to help me get the ball out, and 1-2-3 hup!..... splash. Yes, I mis-judged the width of it and ended up with a left foot and leg soaked and covered in river mud. And to top it all off, the ball a) wasn't mine and b) wasn't a ball at all, but an empty case of one.
Apart from that, I didnt play too bad, but not as well as Wednesday, so ended up 5th. I DID win another nearest the pin though!
After the prize giving and the goodbyes, I set off back home... 10 miles in the wrong direction to start with. (Pr@tt). So after getting my Sat Nav working and finding out the way I was supposed to go I was just in time to hit the God-awful traffic round Birmingham. Joy.
Still, it was a good two days away playing golf, and I hope I get to go again next year.

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