Monday, 26 March 2007

Another week

(I need to rate this page as an '18' as opposed to the normal 'PG' as there is some rude stuff at the bottom!)

A quiet-ish weekend. There was no football for Jake, so it kind of left us at a bit of a loose end. On Sat. I had an attack of the cleans, and blitzed our dining room (it looked like a bomb had hit it) and it now looks nice and tidy and clean. I have my parents round for dinner on Saturday night, to buy dinner for mothers day and so my dad could watch the England game (what a pile of sh*te THAT was!) Sunday, went to the golf range with Jake in the morning (he's getting better...more than can be said for me) and then spent a lazy Sunday afternoon doing the grand total of bugger all.

No real plans for this week... I wanna try and get up the driving range again, and I think I am going to take the plunge and join Stockley Park golf club (!) I need to talk to the pro up there today and see what the situation is.

Oh, and I got sent a joke this morning...

Man goes to the doctors and says "I have a problem in that every time I finish masturbating, I sing 'Glory, Glory Man United'..."
Doc says "Dont worry, a lot of w@nkers sing that"

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