Monday, 19 March 2007


A good weekend, but a very tiring one. My new niece is of course very cute and being only a week old still only a tiny baby. She's very healthy and spent most of the day we were with her sleeping, which is nice.
City won (yay!) a very unexpected 2 - 0 win away at Middlesbrough.
And is it just me, or do ALL men turn driving on the motorway into a race?
I will admit, more than once, I have seen a car trying to under-take in front of me and thought "right, you ain't gettin' in front of me" and made sure I do NOT let the f*cker in. Or, seeing with some satisfaction someone trying to make progress by chopping and changing lanes, only to end up stuck behind some van or lorry in the wrong lane, while I stay in the outside lane and coast away.
Also, under-taking (not the burying body kind, you understand) can be dangerous insomuch that a car will try and pull into a gap in front of you that is hardly there. If this knob-rot of a driver tries to squeeze into a gap that you would struggle to get a fag paper into, and the car in front of him has to brake suddenly, you know that YOU will be the one to hit this tw@t up the @rse and it would be his fault but you would end up getting claimed on.
There are also those drivers (normally driving something quite posh) who pull into the outside lane in front of you to overtake something in the middle lane (fine...) but only increase their speed by 0.00001 mph so take an ice age to actually get past. Then, they wait to leave a county's worth of space between themselves and the car they've overtaken before pulling back in. @rseholes. To overtake, one has to accelerate to get past the car in front - I would have thought that was fairly obvious. Its often commented on that I shouldn't be in such a rush, but in my mind once I've started a journey all I want to do is get to my destination, and any hold up really gets on my mammaries.
I've REALLY made an effort to calm myself down when driving... Im not half the nutter I used to be, but sometimes you see things that completely leaves your gast all flabbered and you can't help but react by driving defensively. Part of my problem is I have bikers blood (not in a jar in the kitchen or anything...) and I dont think I will ever lose that "f*ck you" attitude that most bikers have on the road.
Anyway - driving on motorways... it sucks.

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Phil Dawson said...

Or the people doing 20 under the limit who decide to wake up and accelerate as soon as you try and overtake.

They should all be issued with radar cruise control immediately!