Wednesday, 14 March 2007

Monday 12th / Tuesday 13th

I know I haven't been posting as much, or as often, as before, but to be honest there isn't much going on at the moment! People seem to be avoiding annoying me, and apart from working on a bitch of a project at the moment nothing really is happening.
Of course, its great news about my new niece, and we're all looking forward to meeting her this weekend, but apart from that its fairly quiet in my strange little world.
I know talking about the weather is the LAST thing people should do - I mean, its one of those bottom-of-the-barrel subjects isn't it - but it has been superb the past couple of days and the downside is its very hard to stay motivated when all I want to do is get out on the golf course!
I am coming very close to joining a local golf club - I am just waiting on some news about my salary and then I can make the decision whether or not I can a) afford it and b) justify the expense.
Finally, what do I have on the rest of this week? Well, Wednesday City are playing Chelsea live on Sky Sports - so that will be another horrible defeat. Thursday Im playing football again, which I really enjoy, and then Friday I dont think Im doing anything - I might be allowed out to play for a few drinks, who knows? Then the weekend its off up to Manchester to meet Megan.

Have a good day listeners

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