Saturday, 30 October 2010

Things to do to amuse yourself

I was sitting thinking about my new job starting next week and pondering office behaviour. This led me onto thinking about how far I'd go in public with little things designed to confuse / amuse strangers. Nothing rude or aggressive and nothing that involves anyone else. Just little behaviour quirks. So I made a little list and I challenge you all to try and do at least one of them this week. Also please feel free to add your own. So, try these:

- When entering a lift with other people go stand in the corner facing the corner and don't move.
- When sat at your desk at work, or when out and about, pretend you've heard your phone ring and pick it up and answer it, but then look confused when no one is there (this will have a good effect if you do it two or three times over a few minutes)
- Walk with a pronounced limp. But when someone asks what's wrong tell them you're practising for a role as a pirate
- Pretend you've heard a noise and ask the person next to you if they can hear it too.
- Skip somewhere
- When talking to someone keep glancing over their shoulder and when asked why you keep doing it say "doing what?"
- When in your car on your own and you've stopped at traffic lights just sit there and scream (having the window open optional)
- When being served in a shop or pub gently sway from side to side. When asked why you're doing it say "doing what?"
- Act with massive confusion when someone asks you for something very simple and basic (e.g. "Can you pass me that book?" "Book?!? That BOOK?!?!")
- Celebrate any news like an American footballer just scoring a touchdown (whoops, cheers, "Yeah!! Alright!!" - ANY news)

Have fun...


jojohedgehog said...

That swaying one, I think I do that anyway without even realising, I am dreading going shopping with you todday after reading this....

Anonymous said...

I dare you to walk into the office on your first day and say; 'OMIGOD WHAT IS THAT SMELL?!'


Phil Dawson said...

I work in IT supporting 20 systems or so and i like to simply say "Oh NO" at random to keep people guessing if something has gone down or not! It also helps to keep me looking busy :)

Simon said...

Sue - although that was tempting I had to restrain myself...nerves got the better of me I'm afraid!

Phil - you used to do that at Reliance!! I thought you were being proactive when you said "Oh No" and nothing could be found - it was just you peein around!