Monday, 1 November 2010

First day done...

...and it was a long one.
My hours are 8.30 - 5.30 which even if I hadn't been out of work for ages would still be a shock to the system. Still, it's better than being out of work permanently so I will be making the best of it. There will be some adjustment needed and I can quite happily accept that but it's going to be harder seeing as much of Jake AND my lovely girlfriend as I'm used to and to be honest dear listeners that sucks.
So today was all about company inductions and meeting people. I lost count of how many people I did meet and I can only remember one name - but seeing as he's the MD that's the one that matters!
My new boss is a nice enough bloke and then other guys in my team seem normal enough (for I.T people!) so I don't doubt I'll settle in ok.
I'm hoping that by the end of this week I'll be used to the journey and be settled in enough to feel relaxed.
No interesting characters to speak of yet, but no doubt they will be coming out of the woodwork soon enough. Stay tuned.


jojohedgehog said...

oooo hate that whole first month in any new job, it sucks! It's just never good! Everything will settle into it's place, all big new and scary right now, but guess what, Jake and girlfriend both understand and it will all just become normality before you know it xxx
ps... Cannot wait for the 'character' blogs! xxxx ly

Phil Dawson said...

Every 30mins or so, just look over your left shoulder and say "I said, NOT NOW!" at no one. That should get people out of your personal space so you can settle in.

Dont introduce them to angry developer Simon until week 3.

Simon said...

Phil - Angry Developer Simon? Who's that then??
I love the "Not Now" thing... that made me laugh this morning.
Still settling in and being seen as the strange southerner at the moment... once that period has passed I'll bring out the big guns for grumpy and unapproachable...