Monday, 22 November 2010

Nearly a week...

... since my last post - I do apologise.
The fact is I'm getting back into the same routine as all you lot out there (probably).
Getting up, feeling knackered, going to work, feeling grumpy, racing home, feeling frantic, sorting out tea, feeling rushed, having a drink, feeling tired, going to bed.
So that's really been my life since my last post. A couple of notable events...

My bestest friend Mr. P. Senior popped over to see me on Sunday. He was in Buxton with his family and could spare a few hours to come say hello. He hasn't seen me up here since the whole break up thing so it was awesome he could come say hello. I had Jake this weekend so the three of us went and played basketball in the park (Jake's idea) then went to the pub for a pint and a Sunday lunch. So that was a really nice day.
Sunday evening Jake went back to his mums so I spent the evening ironing and watching House.
This Saturday is number one son's 12th birthday. So this week I need to sort something out as a present. I'm actually paying for a paintball party for him and some friends, but that's not until 11th of December so I need to get something for him to open on Saturday. I feel an online shop coming methinks....

Anyway - I hope you had a nice weekend. I'll update more often, promise.

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