Monday, 15 November 2010


So Thursday night I had number one son staying with me. This is obviously a good thing but the downside is that I then get to work late the next day (usually by about 20 minutes) and then I have to make that time up aftwards. I had dinner plans with my LGF Friday night so was fretting a little bit about getting back in time to clean myself and be ready for our date. It got to just before four in the afternoon in the office when there was a click and a whirr and everything went black. Well, dark. The power had gone. Now I haven't been any office for a while where there has been a power cut like that. The last time was about four years ago and the power went off for like fifteen minutes and then came back on. This didn't happen on Friday. I showed my level of professionalism by wandering around the office asking aloud "so should we go home then?" while my collegues carried on trying to work on laptops with the battery power.
And of course my bladder decided this was the perfect time to alert me to the fact it needed emptying. Our convenience is basically a cupboard with no windows. So no windows plus no power equals pitch black toileting. NOT a fun time. I used my phone to light the way but it goes back into standby every 5 seconds so it was like trying to hit the target in a slow motion strobe light.
Anyway, eventually at about half four the announcement was made that the power wouldn't be available again until at least half past seven that evening so we were free to go home. As I was looking forward to a) the weekend 2) seeing my LGF that night and d) a lovely curry I was out the door and on the motorway before my working pals could finish the sentence "have a nice weekend Simon".
We had decided to try a local curry house called "Masterchef" which is in walking distance and that neither of us had tried. So stomachs rumbling and mouths salivating (well mine was - my LGF is far too ladylike to have the same sort of bodily malfunctions as me) we arrived and ordered. Now I'm not a massive fan of spice (be it spicey food, Old Spice, or the Spice girls) so I usually order things that are flavoursome as opposed to raw magma. This is what I did this particular evening but unfortunately the chef seemed to have some kind of vendetta as he overdid the chilli on everything. Even the usually tasty but heatless mushroom bhaji was like eating hot, soggy coals. My LGF can handle more spice than I and even she said it was too hot to really enjoy. So we left unsatisfied and annoyed but educated in the fact that Masterchef is shite.
Finally, we adjourned to the local for a few drinks and that helped the mood somewhat.
Bells = awesome.

Saturday's post to follow....

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jojohedgehog said...

Never again!! Now I like hot food but that was ridiculous, it was that hot my tongue almost swelled up!
Pub was good tho xx