Tuesday, 16 November 2010

A sucker for technology

Saturday was a day of housework and football, so not worth blogging about really.
Sunday however was a really good day.
It started with my LGF and I going to The Chill Factore so I could buy her a new jacket. She has used my winter / snow jacket recently and really liked it so we went to get her a similar one.
We also stopped for lunch at Chiquitos, a chain tex-mex type of place. I had the enchiladas. They were filled with slow cooked cajun beef and were awesome.
We then decided with nothing else to do til the evening we would go to the local and sit with some magazines and cold Corona beer. It was a really, really nice afternoon with some of her friends coming in and hanging out. It was a proper 'couples' kind of afternoon and something I haven't done for ages.
Sunday evening was a time of jumping up and down, flapping my arms, crouching down and lots of side stepping. No, my LGF and I hadn't confused our copy of the Karma Sutra with an exercise manual, I actually took delivery of an Xbox Kinect on Saturday night.
For those that don't know it turns the normally mild mannered Xbox into a vindictive fitness machine.
Basically it removes all need for a controller when playing (Kinect enabled) games. There is a camera that tracks your movement so whatever you do in the privacy of your living room gets shown on the screen (like my friend Mr. P. Junior's video camera - dirty boy).
If you know about the Nintento piss... or squirt... or wee or whatever it's called it's like that but without having told hold the little white plastic dildo.
Anyway - after much moving around of furniture in my (small) living room and moving around in front of the camera to set it up I played some of the games. Goodness. I thought I was fit. But it gets you jumping and swaying and side stepping and crouching and sweating and swearing... but the kicker, the thing that actually cracked me up, is that during a game it takes photos of you at random points and then displays them to you on the screen. It. Is. Hilarious. I hate my photo being taken at the best of times but seeing myself displayed in various poses of indignity and minciness really was funny. (I look quite camp when jumping up and down on the spot - who knew?)
I'll post a more in depth review when I have taken delivery of Kinect Sports (which should be turning up this weekend) but so far I think it's going to prove quite a laugh.
Have a nice Tuesday.

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