Friday, 5 November 2010

So that's the first week done

Its been a long hard week. It's not just the fact that I've gone back to work after 4 months out, it's also the way this job is. The journey is a bit of a nightmare in the evenings, the hours are long, and it's always stressful settling into a new place.
Because I wanted to take this week to settle in properly, I haven't had Jake with me all week and I've missed him too. I know (I hope!) that in a couple more weeks I'll be properly settled and I'll have got into a good routine especially with Jake. But I can honestly say I'm really looking foward to this weekend!
Not much else going on outside of work - I went to training again last night to test my leg and it's not good. I stayed for the full session to keep the numbers fair, but I was only jogging round and not working very hard. As hard as it is I really think I'm going to have to have another two weeks of doing nothing to rest it properly. One thing that did make me feel good was after the session, the few of us that were there were talking and the manager was discussing how the past couple of games have gone (they've lost them both). Someone said "We've really missed you in the middle Simon" (meaning in the centre of midfield) and everyone there agreed and the manager himself said "God yeah, that's obvious, there's a big whole in the middle of the park at the moment". This was good for me because while I'm out injured I am so worried about my place being taken by someone else but hearing that makes me think I'll be OK. Still really frustrated though.
Finally a note on my hands - I suffer from some sort of ezcema and the skin on my hands is very sore, sensitive, and (excuse the stomach churning image) peels away easily. I have not idea what brings it on and although I think stress makes it worse I'm not 100% certain. I've tried different creams and some Chinese herb remedy but nothing seems to work and at the moment they are bad. So I'm asking my listeners... do you have any ideas??
Have a nice weekend everyone.

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