Friday, 29 October 2010

3 days to go...

...Until I start my new job. Still got weird feelings - I mean I've been moaning about being bored and lonely during the week because I'm off work but now I'm going back to work I feel like I'm going to miss the time to myself. Stupid I know.
And going back to work will present it's own problems - working out the best plan for having Jake overnight, traffic problems, being nice to people in the office... But I know all these are secondary to the fact I will be working again which of course is the best thing.
My mum is here tonight after bringing back Jake from London and then when she's gone tomorrow I'll have a couple of days to gather my thoughts and get on top of housework etc.
Oh, and it's my lovely girlfriends birthday next week so I'll be getting her something nice.
Anyway - if I don't post over the weekend, stay tuned next week as I'm sure I'll have loads to post about.
Have a nice weekend all.

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jojohedgehog said...

exciting! and masses to blog about from now on so even better and I cannot wait to read them (hear them first hand haha)xx It is almost a shame you didn't get a tiny bit more time to enjoy a bit of you time, thats always the way though but you will have holidays to look forward to etc, I am properly chuffed for you, you need this xxxx