Friday, 22 October 2010

An anniversary

Today it is one year since my father passed away. At the time of writing this, I feel ok. I'm obviously more concerned about my mum and sister than myself and to be honest I wasn't too worried about how I would feel today. This might change later when given the chance to reflect but I think I'll be ok. One thing I will definitely be doing later is having a 'club double' - this is the drink my dad used to drink all the time when he was at his bowls club. It's basically a large scotch and coke.
I don't think I've posted this before but I will admit that I'm glad he wasn't around to see the way my marriage ended. It would have broken his heart to see me in so much pain and although he wasn't a person who communicated or showed emotions very well I know he would have been there for me. But to save him those feelings is the one small benefit of what happened.
Anyway. Today I will mostly be feeling anxious & nervous - I'll give more details in my next post.

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Colin said...

Hi Simon,

Thinking of you all today. Be strong and I will see you next week.

We all send our love.

Charlie Naseweis said...

Thoughts are with you mate. See u next week.

jojohedgehog said...

Hugs Simon xxx

Anonymous said...

So many life changes in such a short space of time ...

Take it easy and be kind to yourself,