Tuesday, 5 October 2010

Finally recorded that song

It's not the best version, but it'll do for now while I try and improve it. Be kind!

Fountainhead on Box.Net


Charlie Naseweis said...

God - that takes me back.

Anonymous said...

Is there no end to your talents?!
That's really good. Was even more impressed when initially I thought you'd written the song as well!

Simon said...

Sue - you're very kind. However I am completely NOT happy with the version I recorded. If I play and sing it 'live' I sound much better but the whole process of recording it is very hard and makes it sound a lot worse. The only bit I'm happy with are the harmonies!

Anonymous said...

I liked the harmonies too. Were both voices yours then?!

'Live' versus 'recorded'? Sorry to sound like your Great Aunt but I pictured you with a casette recorder and a microphone balanced on a pile of books! I guess recording technology has moved on over the last 30 years ...


Simon said...

Yes, both the voices are mine - its an advantage of having a schizophrenic personality.
Actually, I have some software on my laptop that acts as a recording desk so I can record multiple tracks, through a USB connected microphone. What I normally do is record the guitar part first, and then while listnening to that I sing the vocals. That's why it sounds so 'forced' and unnatural. If you were sat in front of me while I sang and played it'd sound better, more natural. I'm glad to see you're still reading the blog Sue. Hope you're well.