Monday, 4 October 2010

I'll try not to do this too often

I want to keep this blog more upbeat and positive than it has been over the past few months, but today I can't help but feel quite low and fed up so I thought I'd share with you all why. ("Oh great..." I hear you cry).

The thing is it's Monday today and whereas most of you will have got up this morning and thought "Oh Christ, Monday, I hate Mondays" etc. I can honestly say I envy you all. I would love to have woke up this morning and be thinking the same thing because it would mean I have a job to go to.
You can tell from that I still don't. The weekend comes around and it feels normal - Friday night, Saturday & Sunday football, relaxing Sunday evenings... but then when everyone else goes back to normality I remain in limbo.

It didn't help that I had one of the few things I enjoy and look forward to taken away from me yesterday. I went to play football on Sunday and due to an injury picked up two weeks ago my hamstring pulled during the warm up so I couldn't play. Gutted. I will definitely be missing next weeks training game and I am worried that I might not be fit for the following week, so losing my place in the side. *sigh*.

Anyway... I hope you have all had a nice weekend. I know I keep promising a new recording, and I did try earlier today but due to my melancholic mood it wasn't sounding right. I will get it recorded soon because this is actually the first song I think I sing well and I want the opinions of all of you. Stay tuned.


jojohedgehog said...

Made me quite sad reading that, want to say you never know is around the corner and onwards and upwards and things like that but that not going to make you feel better now is it!

Maybe time for a total and radical re-think on your career while you have the time xx

Hope the hamstring is better soon and they keep your place open x

Lolren said...

Chin up sir! Hope the hamstring heals fast and schtuff. I will be keeping tuned to hear this recording :D x