Monday, 18 October 2010

What's been going on

This post is inspired by two people. First, my friend Mr. P. Junior who asked me today "what happened to your plan to update your blog daily", and my lovely girlfriend who posted a good ol' fashioned rant on her blog today (which you can read here).
My life is pretty much going at a snails pace at the moment hence the reason I haven't been updating. STILL no job, hamstring knackered so I can't exercise and not much else to do. So, I thought I'd just make a little list of what's been happening.
Currently reading Simon Pegg's autobiography "Nerd Do Well" with Chris Evans second part of his life story waiting in the wings.
Kings Of Leon have a new album out today which I will be buying tomorrow.
Putting on weight (see earlier point about knackered leg etc.).
Visiting my mum & friends in London a week today for a few days.

God I just read that back - how bloody dull. I really will try and think up some more interesting posts for the future. If anyone has any suggestions please feel free to send them over.

Oh and a note on the iPad - still loving it. I switch it on when I wake up and I use it all day to browse, Twitter and check facebook. This post was even written on it. So far, no regrets in buying it.

More interesting posts to follow, honestly!

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